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Incorporating flexibility and emphasizing creativity, SQ SOFT has 30 enthusiastic individuals working together in unison to bring our customers top-class services and solutions.

Our concept of focusing on Innovation has made us align our company and its people along the same lines.

Our creative team couples innovative ideas and sound technological know-how to develop solutions for our clients, spanning over ten industries!

At SQ SOFT, we solely attribute one factor as the source of our success in delivering Innovative solutions to our customers, Focus. Whilst providing customized solutions to our valuable clients, we have always conscientiously maintained and developed our expertise in certain domains and industries.

Providing each interaction of ours with our clients as a Win-Win scenario, where instead of being a Project, each implementation serves as a source of adding additional functionality to our Products. We now boast of nearly 20-plus implementations for each of our 5 core applications and the numbers have nearly doubled over the last one & a half years.